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Submersible Wireless RC Underwater Drone، 4K HD Camera

 Grab your Discounted Submersible Wireless RC Underwater Drone، 4K HD Camera while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


Robosea, established in September 2015, is a National Hi-Tech Enterprise with state-of-the-art technologies focusing on R&D, production and marketing. Based on ten years of scientific research at Peking University, Robosea has built underwater robots with different features that can be used for various application scenarios. Robosea has received more than 60 patents, including one PCT, 28 trademarks in China and other countries. 20 products from 5 different series have been built so far, including bionic robotic fish, unmanned vehicle, amphibious tracked car, ROV, and underwater propeller. Besides, Robosea has established business relationships with dozens of users from military department, government, enterprises and public institutions. As for the accomplishment on consumer electronics, the bionic inspired robotic fish has also done a great job in overseas market that has attracted a host of users from North America, EU, Middle East, Eastern Asia, etc.

  • You can use App(IOS, Android) by WIFI connection to make BIKI to swim according to your instructions on the water with real time scenes.
  • BIKI can dive into deep water by a customized route and depth from App. The camera will automatic make a recording and you can see the video when BIKI back to the surface.(No real time scenes)
  • During your diving or swimming you can use the remote control in the water to make BIKI to swim as you wish: submerge, float upward, derection cotrol, speed adjustment, light on-off, photograph and videotape.(No real time scenes)
  • Portability(2.65 lbs, 10.71 x 4.33 x 7.13 inches); Built-in charging design(main body and controllor); It's easy to master BIKI with the detailed instructions in the manual.
  • Easy to clean up - bionic driving, 4K Ultra HD Video, Camera Stabilizer, Underwater Suspension, 1.12 mph Fish tail Driven, 196 ft Max Depth; Please refer to the description for more details.he World's First Bionic Robot Fish
    APP WIFI(Only in the air)
    Transfer distance - 82 feet
    Control distance - 164 feet
    Connect Speed - 65Mbps
    Download Spped - 1.2M/S
    Controllor (Only in the water)
    Effective Control Distance - 32 feet
    Weight - 0.14 lb
    Image Resolution - 16 MP
    Fishtail Driven - 1.12 mph
    Max Depth - 196 feet
    Charging Time - 2 h
    Ecological Protection Ultra-Silent 55dB - Enjoy the underwater serendipity ecologically and naturally
    A Tiny But Powerful 4K Camera - Capture the Most Fantastic Moments
    Wide-Angel Les - 150°
    Lumen Lights 2 x 114 - See more of the mysterious underwater
    Internal Memory 32 GB - Never out of storage any time, anywhere
    Tail Fin Driven - Biki is more than a robot, but a real fish
    Automated Obstacle Avoidance (2.76-11.81 inches) - An agile fairy under the water
    Automated Balance - A robot, smart beyond your expectations
    Route Customization -let BIKI swim as you want and shoot video for you
    Built-in GPS - You will never lose your best buddy
    Wireless Controlling - Create more pssibilities during your underwater explorations
    Durability - ABS Crashworthiness, Anti-Corrosion, Weather Resistance, Temperature Resisitance
    APP only works when Biki is on the surface of the water.
    You can use the remote control if you want it dive. the remote control needs to be underwater, too
    There is no real-time scenes on the phone when Biki is underwater.